Congratulations on reaching the point in our process where the real fun begins! Now that you have
a good understanding of how our model works, it’s time to hear first-hand what our Franchise Owners
think about the opportunity. You can access our Franchise Owners two different ways:
Recorded Group Calls and Live Group Calls

previously recorded
conference calls

If you were unable to attend last Thursday’s call or you enjoyed it so much you can’t wait for another week, you are in luck! We record all of our calls and make the last three months’ worth available to you to download and listen to. These calls are not edited in any way. While you will get great information from these recordings, we would encourage you to also attend the live calls on Thursdays which allow for more powerful interaction with the Franchise Owner.

live Thursday
conference calls

Each year, our Franchise Owners volunteer
to host a Conference Call held every three weeks on Thursdays at 4 p.m. Pacific. The call is an open format allowing you to hear from the Franchise Owner, ask questions, and listen to what other candidates are interested in hearing about. We are often told these calls are invaluable in learning about our business. If you would like to attend our next call, please ask your Sales Advisor when the next call is and use the dial-in numbers below.

Register for Tailored Living Group Validation Call