territory review

Enter a zip/postal code or a city name into the Search Box at the top of the map. Once you’ve found a territory of interest, you can find the territory number and enter it in the area to the left, to see all the zip/postal codes and household counts for that territory. You may also list the areas in the area provided below the map and discuss it with your Franchise Advisor during your next phone call in more detail.

Tailored Living’s Exclusive Territory system is a big reason for the success of our franchise network. It creates clearly-defined marketing areas, fosters a collaborative environment amongst the Franchise Owners, and offers the ability to build equity in your business. The minimum territory size is 75,000 households, and we review each area with you to ascertain that the territory demographics meet our viability standards.

Please take a minute to identify the territories that interest you most, and enter those territory numbers (e.g. 803CA001) in the boxes below. Indicating your territory of choice doesn’t reserve it at this point, but it will allow us to give you feedback regarding your selections.